National Curriculum Changes September 2014 : Curriculum Mapping

Along with other maintained schools in England we are required by government to teach the revised National Curriculum from September 2014.

The curriculum is ‘what’ is taught. The government has slimmed these requirements to enable schools to add areas they feel children need for their development.

The curriculum does not dictate ‘how’ lessons are to be taught. That is down to us! We will mix a rich cross-curricular approach to make learning fun, together with discrete teaching of specialist subjects where appropriate.

At East Wittering Community Primary School every teacher produces lesson plans, which describe in detail what and how they intend to teach on a day-to day basis - the sequence of activities, groupings, and resources used.

Curriculum mapping, however, is the process for recording what content and skills are taught in a classroom and school, over a longer period of time.

You will find below the National Curriculum (2014) statutory requirements, for each      National Curriculum Year Group, mapped by core and non-core subject.

The documents show the statutory areas that the children must be taught by year group for the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and non-core. All non-core subjects are broken down by Key Stage and we are in the process of revising our curriculum plan to ensure progressive coverage of these areas.

Below are the curriculum maps, for all year groups, for the next four academic years  September 2014-2018.  

All year groups will start to follow the new curriculum maps from September 2014 but there will be some differences for the rest of this academic year during this time of      transition.

Please also note that Pupils in Y2 and Y6 (2014-15) will still follow the previous National Curriculum for English, Maths and Science in accordance with government requirements.

National Curriculum Changes September 2018

Please find the current Progression across the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 below.

File icon: pdf EYFS KS1 Curriculum Overview - 16-18.pdf [pdf 318KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf KS2 Curriculum Overview Feb 2017.pdf [pdf 513KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf East Wittering Curriculum Overview Maths.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Progression across National Curriculum for Year 1 to 6 (1).pdf [pdf 768KB] Click to download