Design & Technology

We follow the School Curriculum set out by the Department for Education

In Reception and Key Stage 1 the children follow a two year rolling programme. They develop their imagination and talk about their likes and dislikes when designing and making through the following topics:

Light and Dark – Design and make a lighthouse out of junk materials and attach an electrical circuit for the light.

Wonderful Witterings – Local area study, visit the local playground and then design and make a model playground.

Houses and Homes – Design and make a bedroom using a cardboard box. Make furniture and wall coverings for it.

Eat it! – Eat more fruit and vegetables. Food tech, making a fruit salad or similar.

Happy holidays – Design and make, using sewing skills, a mini ‘Joseph’s coat’.

Amazing Animals – Design and make a moving picture using a slide or a pop up mechanism.


In Key Stage 2 the children follow a four year rolling programme. They continue to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through the following topics:

Out of this world- Moon buggies.

Tombs and Treasures –  Throne for a Pharaoh.

Amazon Adventure – Using cams.

Fire and Ice – Fabric and sewn mittens.

Raiders and Invaders – Junk boat.

Our Precious World – Making a stir–fry and packaging.

Twentieth Century Britain – Making a shelter.

Saris and Spices – Making a phut phut.

Our Heritage – Food tech.

Go with the Flow – Making a waterwheel.

Tudors – Cross stitch and samplers.

Storms and shipwrecks – Making a periscope.