The most recent programmes of study for ICT at Key Stages 1 and 2 have been disapplied and are no longer statutory. This means that schools are able to develop their own curricula for ICT that best suits the needs of their pupils, ICT remains a compulsory National Curriculum subject at all Key Stages.


At East Wittering Community Primary School, in Reception and Key Stage 1 the children follow a two-year rolling programme. They develop their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding of ICT through the following topics:

Light and Dark – Mouse Control and Skills through Painting programs, creating Light and Dark pictures.

Wonderful Witterings – Keyboard skills (Making labels and using word banks) and Routes (Controlling a programmable floor toy e.g. Beebots)

Houses and Homes – Internet Navigation and Keyboard Skills (Using text to communicate) (Years 1 & 2). Reception – consolidation of ICT skills from previous terms.

Eat It! – Mouse Skills (Reception), Science Clips and Word Processing (Years 1 & 2)

Happy Holidays – Keyboard Skills

Amazing Animals – Simulation Games and Representing Information (through Data Handling) Reception – Consolidation of ICT skills from previous terms.

In Key Stage 2 the children follow a four-year rolling programme. They build on skills learnt in Key Stage 1. Throughout all curriculum areas they regularly use the internet for research, Microsoft Office for word processing to present work, Publisher and Power point for presentation, and databases and spreadsheets for data handling. At the start of each year, the children rehearse opening, saving and retrieving files as well as how to send and receive e-mails. They are given their own e-mail address.

They continue to develop their ICT Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through the following topics:

Tombs and Treasures – Simulation / Publishing

Amazon Adventure – Control Technology/Music

Fire and Ice – Using Data Loggers /Skills

Our Precious World –Spreadsheets/Simulation

Saris and Spices – Control Technology/ Publishing

Go With the Flow – Data logging / Skills

Out of This World – Branching Databases/ Skills

Raiders and Invaders – Multimedia, Power point / Graphical modelling

Twentieth Century Britain – Multimedia, Power point / Skills

Tudors – Simulation / 2Draw

Storms and Shipwrecks – Branching Databases/Composing

Our Heritage – Spreadsheets/Simulation