We follow the School Curriculum set out by the Department for Education

The Primary Framework sets out the learning objectives for each year group and is organised into five blocks (the structure is the same for each year group).  The blocks are

  • A; Counting, partitioning and calculating
  • B; Securing number facts, understanding shape
  • C; Handling data and measures
  • D: Calculating, measuring and understanding shape
  • E; Securing number facts, relationships and calculating

In addition to the Primary framework we also use Big Maths which is a programme of daily basic skills for numeracy.  It is based on learning core skills and the ability to apply these skills to other areas of mathematics.    There are 4 main elements (CLIC).

  • Counting
  • Learn Its
  • It’s Nothing New
  • Calculation

Each week the children take part in a Big Maths lesson during which they complete two sheets.  The first sheet (Recall) tests their knowledge of number facts (addition of all single digit numbers and tables facts to 10 x 10).  The objective is for the majority of children to know all of these by the end of year 4.  The second sheet (CLIC) tests their understanding of number skills (i.e. doubling and halving, multiplying and dividing by 10/100).  Teachers are able to use the results of the tests to inform their planning, addressing the needs of individual pupils.

In addition Big Maths includes daily ‘Learn It’ sessions where the children work with a partner to test each other on their recall of addition and table facts.  There is no doubt that these strategies are improving the children’s knowledge and understanding of basic number facts.

Link to Big Maths at bottom of page.

In KS1 and lower KS2 the children use Numicon; a learning resource designed to help teach children and to reinforce and consolidate understanding of number.

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