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The purpose for this page is to inform parents of the ways in which they can help their children with their mathematics, for I have frequently been asked by parents what they can do in order to support their children’s maths work. 

Parents play an important role in improving their children’s maths, as most maths we do is based on problems that they encounter in the world outside of the classroom, and as such there are lots of opportunities for parents to question their children and improve their understanding. This page will therefore hopefully act as a guide and support for parents enabling them to take a more active role in improving their children’s numeracy.


 If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself or your child’s class teacher.


Many Thanks

Miss Pullen and Mrs Ireland

(Maths Leader)

Parent Booklets

Here are our parent guides which will give you an introduction into what your child will be learning in each year group and ways you can further support.

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