We follow the agreed syllabus for Religious Education in West Sussex. 

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In reception and Key Stage 1 the children follow a two year rolling programme. They develop their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through the following topics:

Light & Dark – We discuss festivals that use light in celebration. We learn about the Christmas Story.

Wonderful Witterings – We take the opportunity to visit either St Anne’s or St Peter’s Church in the village and with help from the Vicars we learn more about the churches. We discuss the Easter Story and its religious significance for us today.  

Houses and Homes – We learn about the parables and stories that Jesus told.

Eat It! – We talk about the Harvest Festival.

Happy holidays – We learn about Joseph and his coat of many colours. .

Amazing Animals – We study the story of Noah’s Ark.

In Key Stage 2 the children follow a four year rolling programme. They continue to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through the following topics:

Out of this World – we learn about creation stories from a range a religions and cultures and the scientific perspective. We also study The Christmas Story.

Tombs and Treasures – We think about Jesus as a religious figure and other significant people in religion. We also study the Easter Story.

Amazon Adventure – We study the main features of the Buddhist religion.

Fire & Ice – We learn about villager’s journeys like Pilgrimages and the Christmas Story.

Raiders & Invaders – We study religious symbols of the five world religions and Easter.

Our Precious World – We study the main features of Islam.

Twentieth Century Britain – We study the religion of Judaism and we study the Christmas Story.  

Saris & Spices – We study Hinduism and the Easter Story.

Our Heritage – We study places of worship including Chichester Cathedral.

Go with the Flow – We learn about religious ceremonies such Christenings. We also study the Christmas Story.  

The Tudors – We discuss the Christian Church and the branches of it. We also look at the Easter Story.  

Storms & Shipwrecks – We study sacred texts.

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