We follow the School Curriculum set out by the Department for Education

In Reception and Key Stage 1 the children follow a two year rolling programme, as follows;

Light and Dark; Ourselves, Light and Dark, Electricity

Wonderful Witterings; Pushes and Pulls, Forces and Motion

Houses and Homes; Sorting and Using Materials, Changing and Grouping Materials

Eat It; Ourselves (including Healthy Eating), Health and Growth, Sound and Hearing

Happy Holidays; Growing Plants, Sorting and Using Materials

Amazing Animals; Variation (Dinosaurs, pets, farm animals, wild animals), Habitats, Lifecycles, Growing Plants.

In Key Stage 2 the children follow a four year rolling programme. They continue to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through the following topics:

Out of this World – Electricity, Forces, Solar System.

Tombs and Treasures – Grouping and Classifying Materials, Separating Mixtures of Materials, Light and Sound

Amazon Adventure – Life Processes, Green Plants, Variation and Classification, Living Things in the Environment

Fire and Ice – Grouping and Classifying Materials, Changing Materials,

Raiders and Invaders – Forces,

Our Precious World – Humans and other Animals, Life Processes

Twentieth Century Britain - Forces

Saris and Spices – Circuits (including safety), Sound

Our Heritage – Plants, Life Processes, Humans and other Animals, Variation and Classification, Living Things in their Environment

Go with the Flow – Materials,

Tudors – Life Processes, Human and other animals

Storms and Shipwrecks – The Solar System, Light and Sound