East Wittering Community Primary School

Values, Aims and Ethos.

‘Every moment counts in the pursuit of excellence’

Our Shared Vision.

To provide a caring and stimulating environment in which we give children roots that they may grow, and wings that they may fly, so all achieve their fullest potential and make their best contribution to society.


Our Aims and Values.

At East Wittering Community Primary School we believe that every child that attends our school has the right to enjoy and achieve to the best of their ability, to be kept safe, be healthy and make a positive contribution and gain an understanding of how to achieve economic well-being.

We believe that three core values are key to achieving our aims; respect, rights and responsibility. 


for ourselves, others and our environment


to learn, work and play safely.


for our actions and to each other.


We believe that three core values are key to achieving our aims; respect, rights and responsibility. 

Respect for ourselves, others and the environment underpin the rights and responsibilities of the school community.  For each right, there is an accompanying responsibility.


We have:

· the right to feel safe and cared for; and the responsibility not to bully or harm others

· the right to be valued and treated equally; and the responsibility to respect each other regardless of gender, race, physical characteristics or other factors

· the right to learn and play without disruption; and the responsibility to behave well and respect the rights of others to learn and play

· the right to learn to the best of our ability; and the responsibility to learn as much as we can and to share our knowledge and experience with others

· the right to lead and enjoy a full life; and the responsibility to help others less fortunate

· the right to a safe and clean environment; and the responsibility to care for our surroundings

· the right to a voice; and the responsibility to listen to others


Our aims stem from our core values and the five outcomes for children with reference to ‘Every Child Matters’ Agenda and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.