We all know that good attendance at school is the best starting point for success! 

Absence causes problems:

· If children miss lessons they need to catch up on the work later and they have missed the chance to hear the teachers’ explanations and the opportunity to ask questions.

· Even when they come back to school the problems continue as they find it difficult to ‘tune in’ because of what they have missed.

· Friendship difficulties often occur.

· Children lose confidence.

· Children who are regularly absent from school make less progress and are more likely to have poorer economic prospects in adult life.

Whilst children miss an occasional day through being ill, our goal must be full attendance for everyone.  The government expectation is a minimum of 95% attendance.

Pupils’ attendance is colour coded as follows: 

Red : below 93% - cause for concern/referral to EWO

Amber : 93% - 94.9 % - not up to required standard

Green : 95% and above highly satisfactory

Can I remind all parents:

· Holiday absence will not be be authorised by the school

· All unauthorised absences are reported to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and could result in legal action and a fine of up to  £1000.00.

There are only 190 days in a school year leaving 175 days for holidays. I do understand the many reasons that parents would like to take annual holidays during school time but would strongly urge parents to refrain and minimize disruption to their children’s  schooling.  All time in school is valuable. 

Please endeavor to make non-urgent dentist and doctor appointments out of the school day.

Your support is greatly appreciated and will ultimately benefit your children